Brivo Cloud-Based Access Control Systems

Securing your facilities, people and data against unauthorized access

Brivo specializes in securing your buildings from anywhere, keeping your data secure, and protecting your customers and employees. By moving your security to a Brivo cloud-based access control system, you reduce the complexity of a physical access control system and give your employees flexibility when you are not present.

By securing your building, and being able to verify that security remotely, you will prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your business from the potential loss of assets or customer data.

Your access control solution will allow you to:

  • Create schedules that allow you to set specific times for entrances and alarms for automated access control
  • Manage permissions so different people have different levels of access to your facility
  • Monitor events and receive alerts with real-time video
  • View reports that include real-time or recorded information.


All JMG access control systems are engineered to provide your building with superior protection not only around the perimeter but also at interior doors and gates. JMG systems allow you to manage the flow of employees, visitors and vendors throughout your facility.

Every JMG Access Control System includes:

  • Site survey
  • Custom system design
  • Project management
  • Professional installation
  • Quality control
  • 24-hour service
  • Technical support
  • System Support Agreement

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